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Saturday, February 7, 2009

My first contest ever! Papertrey Ink

I got to play a fun game of connect the dots to find out the pattern for my card. I've never made a card off of a pattern...I pretty much free style everything I do.
My Inspiration? My four-legged loves!
Meet Alex, Jersey and Lola
Alex - the smaller brown and white beagle
Jersey - the medium black and white cocker
Lola - the large tan and black shephard
What makes the world turn for my husband and I are these little lovies! They are so fun to just sit and watch and they love us no matter what! No matter what!!! The only other being that can do that is God! It's amazing how amazing dogs are!
GOD = DOG It's pretty simple! The love is unconditional!

They love to watch for squirrels and other animals in the window, it's pretty cute to see them up there!

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Sharon said...

What cute little guys!!! Love the DP in your card!