A blog about our crazy life and how we got to where we are...which is nowhere yet! How we lived the American dream in the spur of a moment and are now digging ourselves out of the hole. You will cry, hopefully laugh and take away a little lesson learned from our experiences. At least that's what we hope! Enjoy our blog/life.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Five things happy couples do every day


I think this article is absolutely true. Kev and I do alot of things here, but some we can work on..and I believe this is what gets us through "those times". I'm printing it off and Hanging it on the fridge!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Why Lemon Sugar?

Lemon (bitter) Sugar (sweet)
Why Lemon Sugar? For the bitter sweet moments in life!
Getting married is a great and exciting adventure, but at the same time, your not daddys little girl anymore. Life is changing drastically and it will continue to change.
Getting older is also pretty bitter sweet, I am sure more will agree than disagree. You're wiser, however, older.
You can figure the rest out!

Let me know what you think about the name, it took me a few trys to find it...I hope I made the right choice!

Lemon Sugar Paperie

Say the first thing that comes to mind: Springtime
This is the look and feel I was aiming for this time with my website design...so far it's been a HIT! Guest love it...which makes me happy. I always feel I need to make sure my guest feel in season, otherwise it would not be as comforting. Let me know your thoughts!

A long lost great friend

Don't you just love facebook? I used to think it was so childish and for students, but I was wrong! If you think about a certain person every now and again and wonder what they are doing...facebook is the place to fill those thoughts.
At a time of reminiscing...I was there. I thought about a great friend I used to have in grade school and how she was doing. Sooo...I just looked her up on facebook, messaged her and we met up for dinner, I am so happy! She is the same great person I remember her being - we talked for hours on end, and there is so much more to tell. She met Kev and they hit it off great.
So go ahead, don't be shy, facebook that long lost friend and invite them out for dinner and drinks!

Follow Us

I post for a reason! Yes, so you can follow our lives and what we have going on.
I never thought I would be a "blogger", but it is the best way to keep everyone up to date; if you care (?)
But it's not just about us, I will start leaving great recipes, party tips, great hangout spots, etc. So stay tuned!