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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Company and a fried ball of Mac n' Cheese!

Howdy everyone! So my good friend just created a new blog called the Peppy Palate and I really never had the desire to cook or bake anything gourmet (I just usually buy it in a box) until I saw her recipes. They are awesome. Just reading them makes my mouth water! (those are my pics above, and this is her much prettier pic down below!)

Moving along, the recipe I had my eye on was the Stuffed & Fried Mac n' Cheese with Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Sauce }Booyah!
This was off the hook (like my lingo?) I mean, at what point in my 'not so much in the kitchen life' would I have ever thought to create something remotely close to this. And believe it or not, I merely pulled it off. I only had a few flubs <-- this would explain why my favorite cookbook is called Cooking for Blonde's First thing I did was put the cayenne pepper in the sauce...iy yi yi! And then I didn't pack my mac balls tight enough and they started to fall apart shortly after I arranged them on the platter to serve. Oh and I can not freaking chop basil for the life of me! Can someone tell me where these pro chefs get their every so dangerously sharp knives? I am pretty sure my knifes are expensive and sharp...I guess it's all in the wrist?
Closing up, hubby loved it guest loved it! Oh and my husband for once did not saturate his meal in olive oil. (he said that he saw how much work I put into it so he thought he would lay off the oil this time) Hello! I put hard work into mashed potatoes! haha

Goodnight friends

Monday, June 21, 2010

Stationery VS Photography

Late post, I know! I am meeting with my first Bride tomorrow for photography. I am so nervous because I have had crazy experiences with brides in the past and the stationery. Think about how much more important the photos are than the stationery! I just need to keep my head clear and know that this oppurtunity has come along for a reason :)

Luckily she knows that this will be my first wedding and that I am a newbie. I did one wedding before just from my guest seat. The photos were pretty good but they were taken with a mini digital video recorder. Now I have my big wig cam and am ready to move! I just need to get the motivation. I think I am going to practice my moves in my backyard! haha

Goodnight friends!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mommy/Stationer/Photographer - How?

How do I manage to do the stationery business, photography AND be a mommy?
This is a question I often ask myself.
Well, of course, I am a mommy first! Even when it comes to designing stationery or working on an order - if Brady needs me, he needs me. If Brady wants to chew on a freshly created and cut invitation...well, what's done is done and I just have to re-do! haha
I once took Brady to a photo shoot with me...let's just say it went a little longer than planned. Don't get me wrong, he was great and did pretty well but when you are on a tight schedule and are charging by the hour the last thing a client wants is a baby around taking all their photo time. For that, we hired a babysitter! Yay!! Babysitter Katie to the rescue! And yes, we went with the adorable high school babysitter...Brady is rambunxious and very heavy, the babysitter needs to be alert and fit! Just say'n.
testing out my mobile post to see if it works!

Friday, June 18, 2010


So it's been a while since I've posted! I hope to catch up and post more this summer.