A blog about our crazy life and how we got to where we are...which is nowhere yet! How we lived the American dream in the spur of a moment and are now digging ourselves out of the hole. You will cry, hopefully laugh and take away a little lesson learned from our experiences. At least that's what we hope! Enjoy our blog/life.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ugh - Why can't I sleep!

So here I am, awake. Baby Hale will be here before we know it and I still have not had a good nights sleep. And I know it's all down hill from there! But yet I find myself lying in bed, eyes wide open and screaming inside because I cannot get any r.e.m. The doc told me to try benadryl...really? Not working! Usually shaking my leg puts me to sleep...not working! I just feel like I either need to go into labor or fall asleep...why else am I awake?
Oh, and did I mention my warm cuddly dogs are all around me, snuggled up fast asleep, snoring! Just rubbing it in!
I just want one really good nights sleep before he gets here...just one! Please God, I know you can bless me with this!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Kevin and I went for our 37 week check up yesterday and all is well. However, I was measuring at 42 weeks (which might I add was a little scary!) so they ordered me an ultrasound right away. They either thought I was further along than expected (again) or that the baby was BIG! Today we went to the ultrasound to find that I all is perfectly fine...but I am at 39 weeks. THANK GOD baby is only 7 lbs. on the nose, but he does have a big head (just like his father!) Since it is so far along in the pregnancy they are going to stick with the Nov.5th due date and just see how everything goes from here on out.

We got some really great 3-D 4-D ultrasound photos...they're so amazing!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pregnancy Survery

I just found this survey...wish I knew about it before so I could have posted more about my progress!

How far along? 36 1/2
Total weight gain/loss: almost 50 lbs
Maternity clothes? Oh yeah!
Stretch marks? Yup
Sleep: Yes, please! :( Not getting much
Best moment this week: Too early to say
Movement: All the time, and everywhere!
Food cravings: Not really
Gender: Boy oh Boy!
Labor Signs: A few, but what do I know?
Belly Button in or out? Still remains in, but has surfaced from being totally in.
What I miss: Sitting on the couch with my husband.
What I am looking forward to: Knowing when I crawl in bed it will be comfortable, being close to hubby again and sitting on the couch and taking a bath where my tummy isn't sticking out and freezing because I can't get it under the bath water.
Weekly Wisdom: Baths are not for super pregnant people!
Dialated 1-2 cm and doctor can feel baby H's head!

"You're getting big"

"You're getting big" This is an understatement that I have heard a million times this past weekend! Everyone kept saying it! My reply? "Getting?? *sigh* If I get any bigger!" I just can't! I can't get any bigger...I can barely get out of a chair, bed or anything else for that matter. I'm knocking things off of counters and I totally underestimate the size of my belly when trying to walk through small spaces! Please, someone tell me why I try to turn sideways like IT'S going to help!
And! they're telling me I am due Nov 5! I cannot go through this for 24 more days...Dear Lord, this is my prayer! HELP!!
Oh! and lets not forget my fathers ever so gentle, sweet and very subtle compliment, "Mandy, you look like a tick about to pop!"
How about all the ladies we run into in the grocery stores...
Them "so when are you due?"
Me "November 5"
Them"November?!?!? You're not making it to November!"

And God knows this is how my body feels!

Okay, I am done ranting...it helps to get it out! Thanks for listening.

On a good note, my last obgyn visit the doc said that I was measuring about 1-2 cm and he could feel the babies head...good signs I guess. I'm on weekly visits now...getting checked every time...so please, say your prayers for Kev and I!
I will update Wednesdays...after all my visits...hopefully not too many more Wednesdays though!