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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


We're so excited! We have a little baby boy on the way!
Kev is ecstatic, he gets his little baseball player...lol We chose the name Brady Alexander Hale - but not sure what we're going to call him for short. We love the name Alexander! I hope to find the time to post the ultrasound pics!

We've been working on our house, getting it baby Brady ready, but goodness...being pregnant and doing a lot of work is hard! And on top of that I am working at my job finishing up some wedding invitation orders and taking online courses! Haha, I pray God gives me the strength and time. I will post pictures of our progress on the house as well.

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Patsy B. said...

Oh Amanda - I am SO happy for you guys! A little baby boy, how awesome! I really miss you and think about you and Kathleen often.
Much love,