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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

He really loves me

Last night after we got Brady to bed...{well even before for me} we were running around like crazy trying to get our house picked up a bit for an in home panel interview I had this morning for a study I had participated in.  Kev did the dishes for me, greatly appreciated! Even though I know he dreaded it, because he said he did.  But when I went to bed last night the clean dishes were still laying out drying...which is fine.  I totally planned on putting them away this morning when I woke.  Well, my sweet husband :) put them away this morning before he left for work.  What a guy!  I know it doesn't mean much to him because it is just dishes, but it means sooo much to me!  To not have to lock Brady in his room so I can run and put the dishes away, or even just one less thing to worry about this morning.
Ahh-my man truly knows the way to my heart! 

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