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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You've been Warned! Just saying...

You know what really Grinds My Gears...
is the lack of respect some people have...and for mothers in the most part.
I have experienced some crap since I have become a mother, and it has nothing to do with my child and the every day strategy I have to figure out to get through the day.  
I don't need my tray, coffee or whatever carried for me...I just unloaded a purse, diaper bag and stroller out of the trunk of my car with a 33 lb child on my hip!  Don't even worry about holding the door open for me...God gave me a rear end and a foot - I'm very capable of figuring it out!  
But, when I have to pee I am in wild racing horse mode.  So please, if you are a single, non-handicapped person, DO NOT use the family restroom where, first of all, is the only changing table in the whole store, a child restraint seat for me to hang my 33 lb child while I pee in peace {well, without holding him on my hip}  Oh, and one more thing....don't get all snippy with me for knocking on the door...I should have snapped your head off!
So please, {lady at Target}, use a regular stall like the rest of the grown up world.

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