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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Feeling more real

So...we've been doing a little shopping. Despite our awful weekend of dog searching, (our dogs ran away and we didn't not get them back for almost 24 hrs) we mixed in a little yard sale hoping and were able to find some great baby items. Not sure what one item is called, but it seems to be useful in preventing acid reflux and we also found an 8 piece grooming set, brand new still in packaging.
Last night I was poking around on www.craigslist.com and glancing at baby cribs when I came across this beautiful Lexington Crib. It's work is beautiful! It's off white with a brushed look, very shabby chic! I am so excited about it. I can't believe we bought a baby crib...we have a baby crib in our house! This is so surreal! I cannot wait to find out what the sex is so we can start decorating the room!
I plan to make my bedding because I want something unique and special, and it's less I have to put on my registry. I enjoy creating unique things and I figured this is something special my mother and I can share.

I will post pictures once we get the bed assembled.

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