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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Which way is up

Had my 2nd doctor visit today. Planned to go in for an exam on my back, but they were able to pull of a full exam all together. Heard the baby's heartbeat, which was pure bliss. I just looked at Kevin and we smiled together. It was a very healthy beat, very steady and fast.

The doctor said during the exam she felt that some things were larger...meaning I could be further along than we expected! (This could explain why I feel so large and NONE of my clothes fit) I will find out exactly how far along at my next visit, June 29th also when I get the anatomy of the baby via ultrasound. Very exciting!

Due to my not knowing how far along I am I will not post what the baby looks like, etc. Because I really don't know! haha. But the not knowing is kinda fun, I just want to make sure I know before I go into labor.

I will keep you posted!

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