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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A month before you turn one!

So, my amazing little Brady is 11 months old and I just can't believe it.  This post is me fully rehashing this day 10/12/2010.
It started with my little stubborn bed bug in our bed this morning (he had been there since 4:40am) he had such a rough night of tossing and turning he ended up sleeping until 9am.  Once mommy finally rolled out of bed, after Brady tapping on my face and repeating "GAH" a million times, we headed to the kitchen for breakfast.  After working all month on his sign language, Brady finally put it to good use this morning!  We taught him, "more" and "all done" to help with eating.  Up until now, it's been a whiny demand for more food instead of a polite one (but he is a baby and it's totally understandable).  Anyways, sitting down to breakfast...I had just given Brady a bite of his food and started to text Kev to say good morning, I then noticed a motion out of the corner of my eye, and it was my awesome baby boy giving me the sign language for "more".  SO PROUD!
Some other adorable things you do/did today!

As mommy vacuumed the floor he clapped and giggled...double cute!
Still in the process of learning peek-a-boo, Brady just puts his hands in the air and then pull them down, never covering his eyes!  Extremely cute!!
Totally adores his daddy!  Way too cute!
Gets really excited now when I say papaw! I'm loving it! and so is my dad :)

It has been an amazing 11 months with our sweet baby boy! I cannot wait to celebrate the day of his birth in one month :)  It is not only his birthday but the day mine and Kev's lives changed forever! for the best!  What a sweet sweet day!

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