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Monday, October 12, 2009

"You're getting big"

"You're getting big" This is an understatement that I have heard a million times this past weekend! Everyone kept saying it! My reply? "Getting?? *sigh* If I get any bigger!" I just can't! I can't get any bigger...I can barely get out of a chair, bed or anything else for that matter. I'm knocking things off of counters and I totally underestimate the size of my belly when trying to walk through small spaces! Please, someone tell me why I try to turn sideways like IT'S going to help!
And! they're telling me I am due Nov 5! I cannot go through this for 24 more days...Dear Lord, this is my prayer! HELP!!
Oh! and lets not forget my fathers ever so gentle, sweet and very subtle compliment, "Mandy, you look like a tick about to pop!"
How about all the ladies we run into in the grocery stores...
Them "so when are you due?"
Me "November 5"
Them"November?!?!? You're not making it to November!"

And God knows this is how my body feels!

Okay, I am done ranting...it helps to get it out! Thanks for listening.

On a good note, my last obgyn visit the doc said that I was measuring about 1-2 cm and he could feel the babies head...good signs I guess. I'm on weekly visits now...getting checked every time...so please, say your prayers for Kev and I!
I will update Wednesdays...after all my visits...hopefully not too many more Wednesdays though!

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